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Kathleen Marver specializes in individual, child, adolescent and family therapy. She has a license as a Certified Social Worker (CSW), is a registered art therapist (ATR), and a Licensed Professional Counselor in Training (LPC-IT).

She has 30 years experience in mental/emotional health and is a private contractor with Hartford Counseling, Life-Span Family Services and The Matthew Project in Hartford, Wisconsin.

Kathleen studied at Mount Mary University, where she earned a Master of Science degree in 2006, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1991. 

Kathleen has dedicated her career to working with individuals and families to improve their lives and relationships. Her primary focus is in working with women and children. She offers a safe, non-judgmental  environment to explore emotions and healthy coping skills. With a diverse background in acute inpatient treatment, outpatient and residential settings, Katy comes highly skilled at facilitating cooperative resolutions and creative problem solving. She is respectful and empathetic to individual cultures and needs and walks beside you on your healing journey. 

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